Civil Engineering/Construction


INTELESSE is also civil engineering/construction that designs, manages and oversees projects within the construction industry. These projects may include designing commercial and private buildings both public and individual nationwide.

Our constructions mangers are the key cogs in the company to successfully completing a project. The projects that we work on include designing drainage and sewage system, constructing a building or real Estate developing. We focus on a specific type of construction project. Some of these specialties are:

  • Building – commercial housing or business building
  • Electrical – electrical systems
  • Mechanical – plumbing, heating or air conditioning
  • Tiling  

We often use computers when producing and analyzing our designs on a project. Our aim to put together a good professional team to complete a good project. Our project managing teams possess the proper knowledge of estimating, planning and controlling the costs associated with construction projects.

  Our construction team does a lot of their work from office. They usually work 40-hour weeks; however, some jobs require more time based on deadlines or design issues. 

 They survey the area where the job is to take place paying special attention to environmental issues that need to be considered. Before a job starts, they prepare reports on their findings and consult with others who have a hand in the project within and outside the company. Those parties might include environmental associations, government agencies and third-party construction companies. They estimate and determine the total cost of a project. The associated costs can include:

  • Site inspections(surveying)
  •  Test of Sewage or drainage and roadway of the areas  
  • Type of designs(architecting)
  • Materials(electrical and building materials)
  • Equipment and tools
  • Labor costs

 They have good communication, interpersonal and leadership skills. They should be able to pay meticulous attention to detail.

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